Just A Quick Note

Before each story that I upload, I’ll be writing an informational post with the genre, general tags, trigger warnings, etc.

If it’s a long story that’s split into several parts, I’ll include the number of parts. If it’s a short one-shot, I’ll include the word count.

Please check the informational post before reading any of my stories because there may be triggers. I do write a lot of stories that are either in the horror genre or that deal with depression, death, suicide, self-harm, and other triggering subjects, so please check first.

If I was inspired by something while writing, I will also include that in the informational post. I tend to get inspired by songs, whether it’s the lyrics, the singer’s voice, or the instrumental that catches my attention. Please feel free to check it out! 😀

Also, I will be uploading my first story later today, so please look forward to it! 😀


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