Stull Cemetery (PART 8)

I kept falling. I fell past my mother. I fell past the hospital personnel. I fell straight through myself and the bed I was lying on. I fell past the floor too, and kept on falling.

Everything was dark again, that same suffocating darkness that had trapped me twice. I didn’t care, not anymore.

The fall went on for so long, I wasn’t sure I was really falling.

I couldn’t be sure I really existed anymore. Was I there? Was I falling? Was I real? Had I ever been real?

The fall finally ended after an eternity. I landed on the rough, hot ground and found my eyes closed. Heat enveloped me and red lights stabbed through my eyelids.

I forced myself to sit up and opened my eyes. Squinting through the red and orange light, I could vaguely make out a shape sitting a foot away from me.

My instincts took over, sending me crawling four feet backwards. Smoke clouded my vision, shrouding the figure until it disappeared into the gray haze.

Despite the heat, I froze. I waited in the silence, waiting for my heart to pound, for adrenaline to pump through my veins. Nothing happened. I felt no movement within my body; not the pounding of my heart nor the gurgling of various organs. I breathed yet the putrid air went nowhere. The sensory nerves in my hands still worked; I could feel the rough, hot ground I sat on.

The mingle of working and dead senses sent my brain into overdrive.

Where was I?

What happened?

The shape I had attempted to escape had approached me again in the brief moment I’d spaced out. Through the gaps in the smoke, I caught glimpses of what it looked like. I saw a small flash of white at the top of the silhouette.

That familiar sight kept me frozen as the silhouette got closer. My legs were ready to run if the smoke cleared and revealed a monster.

It didn’t. The shape behind the smokescreen was Lori, looking exactly as she had that morning. Her skin was normal; a little pale but no longer scorched and blood-soaked. Her hair, which had been a glowing crimson the last time I had seen it, was back to white. Her eyes were calm, yet sad. In them sat an unspeakable apology, one that she wanted to say but didn’t know how.

I understood, in some strange, inexplicable way. My brain made my head nod, accepting the apology before I understood what it was for. A twinge of relief appeared in her eyes.

It disappeared, replaced with despair as she opened her mouth:

“Welcome to Hell.”

A/N: Thanks for reading this story! Sorry some parts were so short, I guess I cut it up a bit much. Heheh. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this! Please comment! If there was something you think I could improve on (and I’m sure there is), please let me know! I would love some constructive criticism to improve my writing! See you in the next story! 🙂


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