Parts: 1

Upload Day: Today

Genres: Tragedy, friendship, ambiguous

Trigger Warnings: Cancer, disease

Tags: Cancer, story, friendship, 1-shot, dialogue, ambiguous, tragedy, third-person POV, tension.

Writing Assignment: Write a dialogue in which each of the two characters has a secret or shares a secret. Do not reveal the secret but make the reader intuit it. The purpose is to give two characters individual ways of speaking, and to make dialogue crackle with feelings no directly expressed. Remember that in dialogue, as a general rule, every pause must somehow be shown, either by narration (for example, “she paused”) or by some gesture or other break that shows the pause. And remember that gesture is a part of all real dialogue. Sometimes, for instance, we look away instead of answering.

Please let me know what you think! Unfortunately, the secret is given away in the title, but let me know if the story fits the title. All criticism is greatly appreciated! 🙂


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