Halloween Week Day 4: Circus of Shadows

Shadows. They follow us, wherever we go, but we don’t call them stalkers. We don’t think of them as silent, dark murderers waiting to get their chance. (I walk back and forth as I speak.)

Ever wonder who is the real murderer in all the unsolved crime cases? Ever wonder what got into the head of the murderer? Ever wonder why their eyes look soulless, empty, darkened? (I turn towards them.)

(I look out at my audience, all sitting in rows, listening to my story. They’re caught on every word. The circus is over and yet here they sit unable to move, captivated by my words. They think I’m a performer. They think the performers today were real.)

I know why. (I lean forward, surveying their intrigued faces, their innocent curiosity.) I know where their souls went. (Adjusting my microphone, I wait for the lights to brighten before whispering) and soon you will too.

(All the shadows rise behind the seats, on the floor, everywhere.) It is time you all understand why we follow you around! (My image darkens, losing all color.) It’s time you understand who WE are! It’s time for you to all stop living your selfish lives, DARING to drag us with you! (The colors in my image are gone and I am pure darkness.) It’s time for you to free us! It’s time for you all to be GONE!

(At my final word, the first scream sounds. A high-pitched woman’s scream that gurgles as she swallows her own blood, choking on it while it’s simultaneously spewed from holes in her body. The crimson liquid darkens as she does, mimicking my obscurity.) Shadows! Follow her lead! It is time for you to take your reign on the world! It is time that ignorant humans be gone!

(More screams are silenced, more blood is spilled. One man tries to run. He almost makes it to the end of the tent. He almost makes it out.) GET HIM! Do not let him escape! He is a disgrace to us, he will ruin us! (I scream, sending slithering tentacles of murky black speeding his way. A young woman, no older than twenty-three, stands before him. She will take care of him, the woman in black. She is like me.)

(She stretches out her right hand, completely black, towards him and I watch as the fingers elongate and sharpen, tearing a hole through his chest, bursting out the other side.)

(He doesn’t even gasp before collapsing on her arm.) Hurry my friends, we must help our brethren in the outer world! Light is fleeting, we are weakening! We don’t have much time! (Halfway through my sentence the shadow enters the man and he fades to black. All colors are gone from him and he stands upright. The woman removes her arm and I see him expressing his thanks, silent, immobile. She understands and leaves.)

Rise as one! (I say, once the audience had returned to their seats, all silent, all dark.) We will take this world. It is our time now. (Turning towards you, I add,) You’ll be our next target. Beware the light.

Author’s Note: This one is actually super old, but my mom convinced me to upload it. Hope you guys like it and I hope you’re enjoying Halloween Week so far! Thanks for taking the time to read this and see you tomorrow! 😀


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