Hero Of War (Part 1)

She’d always promised me she’d fight the world until her last breath. It’s a promise she kept, even though she lost the fight.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I squeeze her hand, feeling the warmth of the life we’d once shared slip through my fingers. I gently place my finger tips on her eyelids, closing them so she wouldn’t have to see the world disintegrate.

A hint of a small smile seems frozen at the edges of her lips but I know it’s merely my imagination. How could she smile when all the joy and hope had been drained from her body?

The shrapnel still protrudes from her chest. Wrapping my hands with my jacket, I grab the sharp edges and pull. It’s stubborn, lodged between her exposed ribs, but eventually gives way. Crimson blood coats the metal surface. shining in the garish sunlight above us.

I drop the murderous object beside me, feeling the right corner of my upper lip twitch upwards in disgust. My jacket hardly covers her bare chest, failing to repair the gaping hole torn through her. It becomes soaked with her blood in only a few seconds.

A/N: I know this is very short– similar to Ollestad’s memoir, the parts taking place in the present will be shorter than those taking place in the past. The story skips back and forth between past and present until the end. Since the story has to be split up into many parts to accommodate for that, I have decided to upload a part twice a week. So, on that note, I hope to see you next Tuesday! 😀


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