Hero of War (Part 27 FINAL)

I stand beside the surrogate mother in the delivery room. Through the window I can see into the hospital hallway. Sophie’s parents stand outside the room, anxious to meet their granddaughter. Their silhouettes cast shadows against the blinds.

A cry draws my attention back to the room. The loud wail bounces off the walls and into my ears sounding like an angelic melody. It’s a sound I have long awaited.

My heartbeat speeds up as I take a step forward, leaving the comfort of the wall behind me.

The doctors part to let me through. One of them is holding a small pink and red bundle.

“It’s a girl,” he says. Only his eyes are visible above the surgical mask but the creases in the corners tells me he’s smiling.

I look at the unhappy face in his arms and my heart skips a beat. A weight lifts from my chest, making me feel as though I am a helium balloon whose string has just been severed.

He passes her to me and I cradle her as carefully as I can. She’s lighter than I’d expected and I can feel each cry as a vibration running through her tiny body.

Sophie’s parents are allowed into the room. They rush over to look at her, instantly brightening upon sight. From the way they visibly relax, it seems as though their strings have finally been cut as well and they can now float free of their guilt.

They have a second chance in a world free of war– a world that Sophie created– and so do I.

I hand her over to her grandfather, who carries her in much the same way I did. Tears well up in his eyes and I know he’s thinking of the last time he held something so small and precious.

As a nurse takes her away to bathe and dress her, the doctor with the smiling eyes and the blue surgical mask turns to me and asks, “Have you decided on a name for her yet, Mr. Kor?”

I exchange brief glances with her grandparents and smile before replying, “We have. She will be named Sophie Royals Kor.”

And the ice encasing my heart thaws.

A/N: Wow that was a long one. XD Thanks so much for reading until the end! I really hope you liked the story and I would really appreciate it if you would let me know what you thought! Please let me know in the comments and I hope to see you next week! 😀


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