GOD [Part 6]

“Shall I spit in his water?” Abbott asks, standing by the cooler, filling up a paper cup. He smiled at his lieutenant.

“That’s not going to help; it’s just disgusting.” the older man sighs, leaning against the plastic jug. The corner of his lip twitches upwards, caught between a smile and a grimace.

“I know, but he deserves it.” The lieutenant grunts noncommittally in response. “I’m not getting anything out of him.” Abbott continued.

“I know.”

“Anything else I could use? ‘Cause I think I’ve exhausted religion as a topic.” he says, absentmindedly scratching his arm.

The lieutenant pauses, twirling a pen in his left hand. The steady movement casts thin shadows against the wall behind the water cooler.

He stops. His entire body freezes as a single thought projects itself in his mind.

“His girlfriend.” he blurts out.


“He lived with his girlfriend, Jennifer Aliss. According to Ladner, she just broke it off with him.”

“‘Cause he got caught?”

“Mm.” the lieutenant resumes his pen spinning, faster this time. The oblong object spins as fast as the gears turning in his brain.

Abbott straightens up, pushing his black hair back from his face. “Interesting.” a glimmer appears in his azure eyes. “What do we know about the girlfriend? Was she a part of the society too?”

“I’ll have Ladner check that.” the lieutenant says. “You should get back in there before he gets suspicious. You’ve got his trust; keep it.”


Abbott disappears, his presence creating a void by the cooler. The chatter of officers in the main room seems distant to the lieutenant’s deaf ears. The fluorescent lights above his head flicker but he doesn’t notice.

He pulls out his phone.


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