GOD [Part 8 – FINAL]

“So that’s that.” The lieutenant sighs, taking a long, hot sip of coffee. The Friday barista always remembers the cream.

“Yes sir, all members are currently under arrest and awaiting trial.” Ladner says, hands clasped behind her back. Her eyes are underlined with deep bags as she, too, stayed up last night arresting the crime syndicate.

“And the girl?”

“Just woke up sir. Doctor’s think she’ll be fine.”

“Good. Go home and rest Ladner. I’ll see you tomorrow.” he says with a dismissive wave of the hand.

“Thank you sir.” she turns away and exits the office through the mahogany door, leaving the lieutenant alone with his thoughts.

He looks at his badge again, his eyes skimming over his prediction. He feels no fear, yet cannot seem to calm the sense of dread beating beside his heart. He should be safe n-

“Sir!” Ladner’s voice returns like a knife to his eardrums. “Grey escaped custody!”

He stands from his chair, letting it fall behind him, and hurries out of the room, leaving his badge on the desk, open and revealing a bold, three-letter word. It shines in the fluorescent light, listening with deaf ears to the realization of its prediction.


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