Kidnapped [Part 1]

The future stretches before me as past mistakes disappear behind my bare back. The present keeps pace with my small, perfectly timed steps, providing a window to the world in which I will never return.

No floor exists beneath my bare feet yet I walk on regardless. No path leads me forward though I cannot disobey an instinct tugging me along from deep within.

Sifting through thoughts I don’t possess, my body meanders aimlessly along the white plane.

Unseen images materialize in my mind and I stop. They speed past my eyes faster than I can see yet somehow I take them in, absorbing the memories linked to them.

And in the next instant, it’s over.

Then, my transformation begins. Auburn hair sprouts from me head and grows down along my back, flowing effortlessly around my knees.

Pale white skin with rosy cheeks and topaz eyes. Long lanky legs and a thin, curved frame with an unfortunately flat chest for a 17 year old girl. Teeth that were rigidly straightened by a decade of braces hid behind eternally chapped lips.

Wobbly knees paired with bony ankles and long toes gave her an almost malnourished quality despite her affinity for sweets and junk food.

The transformation ended only moments later and I found myself slouching forward wearing someone else’s skin once again.

Colors faded into the white background. I find myself lying in a field of green flowing grass. My clothes, a pink tracksuit and running shoes, were caked in dirt, dust, and blood. Tears litter the frayed fabric, crudely cut by a dull blade.

A sharp pain emanated from the back of my head.

So that’s how she’d been murdered.


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