Kidnapped [Part 3]

A gap splits the bricks fifty feet to my left. Colors flash through the space, each racing forward to replace the last. My savior lies just beyond it, or so her thoughts tell me.Such a sad end for an optimist. Until her last breath she truly believed that somebody would find and rescue her from the sorry fate she’d been dealt. She gazed up at the ceiling as her vision faded to black, wondering if help would make it in time. She never once thought that perhaps help wasn’t coming at all.

Now it was my mind, trapped somewhere beneath hers that doubted the possibility of safety in this world. It was my mind that wondered if the kidnapped would return to check on her decaying corpse.

How much time had elapsed between her death and my birth?

The memories implanted in my head seemed far too fresh to be more than half a day old but even then, how many hours had passed since they dumped her and ran? Would they return to the site to check if anyone had yet to discover her corpse?

No. The logical side of my brain told me it would be far too risky.

If anything, they were probably as far away from her as humanly possible.

My arms reached the wall and gripped the sides. Knuckles white against the cream-colored bricks I pulled the rest of my (her) frail body to the gap.

Cars rushed past only a few feet away, creating a painfully icy wind battering my face.

Pain slashed across my cheeks as the air pushed into the cuts lining my cheekbones.

I pushed past it all, squeezing her thin body through the gap and into the real world.

Three cars stopped around me, a navy blue Honda behind, silver Toyota ahead, and black Tesla in between the two. From beneath the three cars I could see blurs of tires rushing past. Screeches and the crunch of gravel assaulted my ears.

But all that faded when I saw the faces of the three drivers.

They gathered around me, each careful to keep me out of view of the other cars.

Deep set brown eyes dropped into a wrinkled face. Faded pinks lips and sharp, angular features. A thin nose wrapped in rough black stubble.

The leader. His was the last face she had seen before something thick and heavy cracked down upon her head in a quick and fatal blow.

The others had come together to stand against the sun, shrouding their faces from my view.

But I already knew what they looked like.

Before I could struggle or try to escape, the biggest one lifted me off the ground. He picked up my frail body as though it weighed nothing more than a feather.

For a moment there was nothing but air beneath me, then the rough sensations of word leather seats. My head crashed against the other side of the door, making a loud thump that soon disappeared as something crashed into my feet.

The roar of engines as the other two cars departed followed the opening and closing of the driver’s side door ahead of me. Rumbling, the car beneath me lurched forward on half-inflated tires.

“You’re an awfully persistent one Louisa.” I looked up and saw his eyes trained on me in the rearview mirror. They were emotionless and onyx black, perfectly matching the heavy, thick voice oversaturated with cruelty.

The chill that ran down my spine was a mixture of her fear and my own. Pain enveloped my body and sent black spots to my eyes but I could not look away. The fast, steady pounding of my heart kept me awake, thundering away in my ears.

Struggling against the weight of her limbs, I pulled my legs to my chest and twisted until there were parallel to the floor. I reached above my head and gripped the windowsill, using it as a lever to pull myself upright into a seated position. 

With short, gasping breaths punctuated by the pain in my lungs, I pulled my eyes over the grey plastic windowsill and looked out at the world, preparing a silent plea for any nearby drivers.

Only to find the windows tinted and polarized to the point that it would be utterly impossible for anyone to see inside. I lacked the strength to pound on the thicker, bulletproof glass but even if I could it would be futile. And I knew from her memories that the doors couldn’t be opened from the inside.



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