Kidnapped [Part 5]

My mind scans through her memories of the house they’d taken her to.

It had two floors and a basement. They’d dragged her through the entryway and left her lying half asleep on the floor near the staircase. They hadn’t bothered to tie her up but her limbs were too heavy to move.

She could only gaze longingly at the door partially hidden behind her feet and dream of the freedom beyond the thick slab of oak.

Her eyes wandered up to the second floor. She thought she’d seen a shadow. Her deafened ears thought they’d heard a sound: a voice perhaps?

One of the men had returned at that moment. He’d stood at the foot of the stairs and said something but she couldn’t understand what.

Then he’d returned to drag her away. Down into the basement.

Out of sight.

Her mind lay stagnant while mine churned rapidly, sifting through possibilities.

Could someone be residing on the second floor? Someone who remains oblivious to the crimes?

Someone who could help me?

His eyes caught mine in the rearview mirror. They were black and cruel, just like Louisa had originally perceived them, only now they was also a glint of amusement tucked away into the corners. He had the same eyes as a hunter playing with its prey moments before the kill.

“Don’t glare at me so harshly Lou-i-sa.” He holds each note in my name out a moment longer than he has to and for some reason his intonation changes. His voice is almost a little higher. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Suddenly the walls were closing in on me. I felt the ceiling being pulled down towards me, inching closer and closer to the top of my head.

Caving in.

The same invisible pressure that affected the ceiling simultaneously pushed my heart down into the pit of my stomach. It settled with an uneasy heaviness.

One beat. A moment.


With widening eyes the reason for his change in demeanor rushed through me like a cold wind on a scalding summer day. I shivered despite the intense heat produced by the adrenaline in my system.

He knows.


Somehow he figured out what I am.


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