Halloween Week Story 4

Author’s Note: This one is more of a vignette than a story but I wanted to include it.

She padded into the room on bare feet, her ginger hair leaving a trail of fire in her wake. Innocent jade eyes roamed the bare wood walls. Painted pink lips parted to release a long, shaky breath that transformed into white smoke.

She stood still, floorboards whispering beneath her paltry weight. Cobwebs lined the edges of the room, tracing intricate patterns in the shadows. Wind howled through the cracks in the ancient walls, disturbing the spiders from their home. They crawled across the silken threads, silent and observant, thousands of eyes fixated on their mistress.

She walked forward with eyes cold as stone. Her black blouse clung to her skin, shielding her from the gelid atmosphere. Her eyes searched the world beyond the window for solace but found none. Loneliness pushed down upon her shoulders, a weight she could never lift.

Her delicate fingers touched the cracked glass, numb to the cold of the surface.

The numbness was the only thing she felt as she turned to face the door. Crimson eyes gazed at the innocent child with the ginger hair, watching her fade into oblivion.

As the queen of spiders had taken her place.


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