Kidnapped [Part 9]

Several hours passed before the leader finally returned, henchmen in tow. From my position in the darkest corner of the room, I saw their shadows before them. The dark, elongated shapes crawling across the walls were disturbing on their own.

I waited until the light creak of the trapdoor cut off the last sliver of outside light before springing into action.

With the meager strength I could muster, I chuck the heaviest piece of wood I could find at what I believed to be the right angle. My mind replayed all the failed attempts as a silent prayer escaped through her chapped lips.

Slow motion. The dark mass inched upward through the air, leaving an invisible trail in the midst. My eyes follow it in a useless attempt to find the angle of its trajectory.

A crash.



It worked. My plan worked!

My eyes had already adjusted to the lack of light and watched the confused and somewhat frantic movements. They didn’t understand what had happened until they heart the hollow sound of the chunk smashing into the floor.

But it was too late. I was already on the move.

Ignoring the new pain in my shoulder, I limped over to them as quickly as her body would allow, occasionally wincing at the sharp spasm of pain shooting up her leg. My bare feet made no sounds on the cold ground.

I tightened my grip on the hastily fashioned stake.

As I approached them, ready to stab the inky silhouettes anywhere I could reach when the unthinkable happened.

Louisa fought back.


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