Kidnapped [Part 10, FINAL]

It wasn’t until then that I realized I must be past the six hour mark. I felt the influence of her memories and will over my own.

She didn’t want me to hurt them. Her body remembers her soul as being far purer than mine and is trying to transform mine to match hers. This usually begins about six hours after the initial transfer and is complete after twelve.

And it could not have started at a worse time.

Her muscles tense and seize as I attempt to thrust the stake into the side of the first silhouette. The resistance slows my movements down almost to a halt.

I couldn’t overcome her.

The tip of the stake hardly touches the mass. A hand shoots out and grabs it, tearing the weapon from my fingers. I try to back away but her ankle makes escaping difficult.

Hands wrap around me in seconds, incapacitating my already limited movements.


Hot breath near my ear as a low voice whispers amusedly “Thought you could beat us did you?”

The leader.

The amusement was clearly fake, something he’d been working on since the last time. It was much more convincing and sinister than the first time she’d heard it.

His arms wrapped around her torso, locking her in a frozen, helpless position. Her body went limp, unable to resist as a sense of hopelessness spread through her.

It was heavy, weighing her down as he dragged her body up the stairs. I was forced to fight against both him and Louisa but the most I managed was a few weak kicks and a half-hearted twist.

He carried me back into the main room and sat me down next to the staircase. I shivered as my back touched the cold wood.

His two companions had joined him but they kept their distance. He stood right in front of me and stared at me for a long, strange moment. The mixture of emotions in his eyes was hard to read but I thought I detected a hint of sadness buried beneath everything else.

“Is everything ready to go?” he asked his companions without taking his eyes off me.

“Yes sir.” said the skinnier one. This was the first time I really saw him with my own eyes and nobody could call him eye candy. He had broad shoulders that stood disproportional against a narrow waist and short, stout legs. His arms were obnoxiously beefy from years of steroid abuse. His pock-marked face was complimented by beady black eyes and fat brown lips split in the middle by a scar. His hair was short and almost dripping in grease.

The other one strongly resembled Louisa’s dad; tall and rectangular with an oval face and a receding gray hairline. Stubble covered his oval chin, reaching out to his large elephantine ears.

He spoke next. “Where are we going to…” he looked at me and stopped.

“Not here right boss?” The other piped up.

“Of course no dumbass.” The leader snapped, turning towards him for a brief second. Then, with a forced, malicious grin he turned to me and continued “I know the perfect place, far away from anyone that could hear you.”

I shivered but didn’t say anything.

Louisa struggled to keep back her tears. They sprang into the corners of my eyes and I knew with a sense of resignation that she was growing even stronger.

We must be nearing the seven hour mark.

I had to work faster.

I forced my mind to focus on my peripheral vision so that I could scan the room without them noticing. I saw the illuminated squares that I could only assume to be windows on my right. The front door stood a dozen feet away on my left.

And the stairs sat patiently behind my aching back.

Three possible escape routes.

Reduced to two as one of the henchmen shifted towards the door as if he had read my thoughts somehow.

The two possibilities ran through my mind, fueled by Louisa’s rekindled desperation. For once we were on the same side. She was against fighting and injured the attackers (probably linked to her strong belief in karma) but held no qualms against escaping.

My first thought lingered on the windows, which surely led to a backyard. If I could get out there, I would be as close to civilization as I could be. I could alert the neighbors if I screamed. That way, if I couldn’t escape, at least there was a chance somebody could contact the police. At least I’d have a chance of being rescued.

But that hardly seemed possible. The panes were most certainly thick and would be hard, if not impossible, to break in such a weakened state. And who knows how hard they might be to open? The lock could be rust of the crevices could be painted over.

I could waste precious seconds trying to push the first pane up and ultimately be taken away by one of the men before I get so much as a breath of fresh outside air.

No, the windows were far too risky.

The only chance I had left lay up a flight of stairs.

I waited for one heartbeat. Then two. None of the three men in front of me moved. The leader was still studying me but his eyes had acquired a faraway glaze. The other two were useless puppets waiting for something to pull them into action.

If I was going to do something, I had to move now before it was too late.

Subtly I shifted my weight onto her bad side so that I could shoot out the good leg, quickly shift my weight back over and stand with as much speed as the high dose of adrenaline would offer me.

Then, before the shock could register on their faces, I pivoted around, grabbed the banister and swung myself to the front of the stairs.

The wood protested loudly despite her paltry weight. Arrows of pain shot through her leg and I ignored it adamantly. Nothing would slow me down now.

Surprised cries followed me as I hit the second floor landing a few seconds later. I heard the pounding of their large feet following me. Louisa began imagining the large, beefy hands reaching for her back, surely only centimeters away from the soiled fabric of her shirt.

She spun us around the corner and scrambled down the hallway, nearly losing her balance on the uneven boards. Piles of dust scattered as she sprinted, leaning against the wall and awkwardly stumbling every few steps.

Louisa chose the second room on the right side, ignoring the series of closets and cupboards on the left. There was one larger room but the door was closed.

She slammed her shoulders into the door, only seconds after entering, forcing it shut and leaning her weight into it to keep it from being opened again. Her hands shook so badly I had to take over to lock the door.

And not a moment too soon. The doorknob jiggled violently only a millisecond after the click.

Voices began shouting from the other side but she ignored them, tuning them out to the point where I could not hear them over her resistance. The pounding on the door soon became secondary to her heartbeat.

The room we stood in was almost completely bare. Evidence of furniture was present in patterns and shapes left on the dusty floor. Certain spots were darker and cleaner than the rest, having been protected from sun damage and dirt by whatever stood over it. Deep scratches were etched into the floorboard where something heavy had been dragged around.

Two windows stood on the side opposite of the door. The glass was streaked and dirty but unfortunately intact. Empty curtain rods above them, rusted.

She understood as well as I that there was only one thing left to do. There was only one chance to escape from this prison.

As we approached the windows, I noted the pinkish tinge the sky had adopted as darkness began creeping in from behind this house. I remembered the sun being high noon when I awoke yet now it was setting.

At least seven hours had passed. I only had five hours left to complete my job and be pulled out of her body before it completely overpowered me.

The process is one commonly referred to as “soul corruption.” It happens when the revived corpse recognizes the presence of a soul and assume that soul as its own, rewriting the memories of the dead person into the new vessel. If he doesn’t pull me out in time, I will cease to exist.

I shuuden at the thought of my eternal death.

I must hurry.

Her hands press against the smooth, cool glass. I see her reflection for the first time and feel her repulsion towards it. Truly the sight is not a pleasant one.

Bruises create patterns on her almost gray skin. Her lips are stained crimson with that same blood dried unevenly around the edges. Her left eye droops terribly and the skin around it is nearly black.

She shudders and averts her gaze downwards, focusing her attention on the windowsill instead. The first thing she tries to do was dig her nonexistent fingernails into the space beneath it to try and force the window open.

Knowing instantly that this wouldn’t work, I pressed the palms of her hands against the glass panes, squatted slightly, and pushed upward with the base of her palms. It took a long moment and a low, strained grunt before the window gave way and pushed upward.

The noise it made was enough to awaken half the country.

So much for discretion.

I knew as the pounding and shouting stopped that I had very little time to execute the rest of the plan. I had to somehow escape and hide before they could exit the house and catch me.

The impossibility of the plan astounded me greatly. It watered as tears in her eyes.

I had lifted one knee onto the windowsill and was leaning forward when I saw it.

My escape.

With renewed vigor I pushed my other foot off the ground and gripped the top of the windowsill. Twisted. Butt hanging perilously in the open air; only my hands and feet remained in the room. All my weight rested on her good ankle.

With swift, deft movements I switched my grip from the upper inside windowsill to the outside. Then I reached up and grabbed the edge of the roof.

Pushing with my legs and using my arms to pull, I slowly lifted her body up towards the roof. Her good ankle supported us easily, easily working as a lever to push us upward to the roof.

Within seconds my waist was pressed against the edge of the roof. I pulled one arm up and rested it on the crumbling orange shingles. The jagged edges dug into my weak flesh. I gritted my teeth against the pain.

The rest of my strength disappeared as I finally lifted her legs up and over the edge, rolling myself a couple feet up the roof to stay out of sight.

A loud creak told me they’d opened the door.

Tucking my arms in as best I could, I rolled upwards despite gravity’s best attempts to pull me back down. The shingles dug into my flesh and a few loose ones threatened to fall but somehow everything held.

Their voices followed me to the peak of the roof, threatening my survival.

Leader: Where is she?

Henchman 1: I don’t see her.

Henchman 2: She couldn’t have gotten far. I’ll check the backyard.

Henchman 1: I don’t see any movement in the trees and there’s no one behind the bushes.

Henchman 2: She’s not hiding back there either boss. What do we do?

Leader: Shit. She must have gotten to the main road and been picked up by a car.

His voice had taken a slight vibrato, betraying his fear.

I had just scrambled over the peak of the roof when the slap of footsteps echoed around me.

Leader: Anthony hit the right, Bill go left. Stop any cars you see. Find her.

I rolled down the roof a few more feet to ensure I was truly out of sight.

A multitude of slams. The cacophonous rumble of car engines. The squeal of tires disappearing into the distance.

And with that they were gone. I was alone and safe.

The euphoria of this realization was felt by both of us.

Yet it was short-lived.


I should have been withdrawn right then and there and her body should have returned to being a lifeless corpse. The kidnappers would be caught so my mission should be over.

Only it isn’t. Because I suppose they won’t be.

There is still something I need to do.

I have to lure the police over to rescue me like in the original plan. And for that Louisa needs to stay alive a little longer.

I wait a moment, ensuring that I was truly alone now. Hearing no other sounds, I force her physically exhausted body to sit up.

Below me sits the backyard. Dried yellow grass occupied the small rectangular space. The tallest weeds attempted to climb the unwashed brick wall farthest from me.

Just beyond the sunkissed barrier sat the neighbor’s quaint beige house.

Two small windows faced me but the blinds were drawn on the first one and the room beyond the second appeared vacant.

Any hopes of someone glancing out their window and noticing me quickly deflated.

I had to think of another plan.

There had to be some way to draw public attention to myself.

Above the windows something bright and metallic captured my attention. The neighbor’s satellite dish reflected the sun’s rays straight through my weak eyes.

And gave me an idea.

Three feet diagonally up and to my left stood an identical satellite dish. From here I could see that the edge were thoroughly caked in dark brown rust.

This gave me hope.

I crawled up to it, grabbed the edges of the circular disk with one hand on each side, and pulled, shifting my weight back as far as I dared. The satellite dish groaned and bent towards me. For an agonizing moment it seemed to pause at a slight angle.

Then, with little warning, it snapped away in my hands and I fell back, hitting my head on the roof and dislodging a few shingles.

The metal plate was heavy and covered in thick patches of rust but enough of it had escaped battering from the weather to be useful.

Feeling the small amount of time that remained ticking away, I struggled against her to angle the satellite dish so that the sun reflected off of it and onto the dry grass closest to the back wall of the house.

Her arms ached and she wanted nothing more than to sit down. I feared she may have become sentient enough to be aware of me and the time limit before I would disappear forever.

I forced her to continue holding it up though I could feel myself losing control. Her memories and fears became more prominent and real than my own. When I tried to recall the faces of my parents I saw hers instead. My thoughts followed her line of logic, her desires. Mine were growing smaller and insignificant.

A thin ribbon of pale grey smoke streamed up towards me. I watched it dissipate in the air above my head. Instinctively our head turned around to check for signs of anyone else coming to see it.

I could only pray that, as it grew stronger, the firefighters would be notified before the kidnappers do and rescue me.

I watch the growing flames inch towards the house. The red and orange entity licks the wall, hesitant at first then, as though it likes the taste of plaster, begins to consume it. The plaster darkens and crumbles to the ground.

I hug my knees closer to her chest, hoping that I’ll be safe up here. She whimpers at the thought of burning to death when she had finally found freedom once again. Her heart pounds a mile a minute in her sore, bruised chest.

A nearly inaudible beeping tells me the fire alarm activated. The firefighters must be on their way over here now. They’ve been alerted and will soon arrive and rescue us.

Her ears strain to search for the melodious wail of sirens but she is quickly disappointed.

Instead dread fills her as she hears the rumble of an engine nearly lost in the popping and roaring of the fire. Her breath stops in her throat, as trapped as she is.

Gravel. For a brief second she thought she heard the crunch of tires on gravel.

But all was silent.

She crawled up the roof and peeked over the edge.


Time ticked by. I wondered if this would be enough to escape her body. She wondered if she would ever see her family again.

Finally the sirens materialized in the distance, faint and fragile, nearly swallowed by the wind, but definitely there. Help was on the way. She was finally going to be saved.

Yet I remained.

As tears of relief sprouted in the corners of her eyes, I knew something was wrong. There was still a possibility that the kidnappers wouldn’t be caught.

Of course. The firefighters might not find or be able to identify her corpse until long after the kidnappers would have left the area. To ensure their capture and the end of my mission, I’d have to literally drop her into their arms.

With fading strength I made her crawl back over the peak of the roof. Deep inside in a place she couldn’t consciously reach, she protested the action, longing to stay safely hidden out of sight.

She needed to be seen as soon as the firefighters arrive. She needed to be rescued instantly if I want even just a chance of being pulled out in time.

And thankfully, at least this time, my will was strong enough to overpower her.

Or perhaps the word I should have used was “unfortunately.”

Only seconds after I had pulled her body over the top and roller down a few feet, the screech of tires ran up the driveway,

They’re back.

I didn’t have time to think, let alone react. A strangled cry escaped her parched throat.

The leader got out of his car and walked towards the house.

He looked straight up at us and said, “Thought you were pretty clever, didn’t you? Sending us on a wild goose chase.” He shielded his eyes from the sun. “But it’s too late for you Louisa. You’re never going back. My little girl never returned so why should a bitch like you?”

And with that he disappeared, heading into the burning house.

The sirens had come closer. Her eyes scanned the horizon as she pulled herself backwards up the roof. I no longer had the energy to control her.

I could only watch from somewhere far away as the following events unfolded:

The fire truck finally arrived, cutting through the lawn to avoid the car parked in the driveway. At the same time the leader emerged from the house, unscathed.

A few of the firefighters rushed to help him but he pushed them away. He walked straight into the middle of the driveway, standing in front of his car.

One of the firefighters took notice of Louisa, pointing and shouting for a ladder. Most of the others were busy unrolling the hose and turning on the water to douse the flames.

The leader turned around to face the house. Something gleamed in his hand.

The firefighters leaned the ladder against the edge of the roof.

Leader raised a jet black pistol, aimed at Louisa.

Someone shouted.

Louisa rolled downwards.

He pulled the trigger.

A firefighter tackled him.

The bullet lodged itself into the shingles on inches away from the top of Louisa’s head.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

The top of the firefighters head poked up over the edge of the roof. Sunlight bounced off the yellow and white helmet.

And suddenly I knew this was my final mission. I was never meant to return. Louisa’s life was so similar to my own that by giving her a new life and bringing closure to her family, I was concluding my own.

The firefighter took my hand.

I let him lead me away into the darkness of eternal slumber.

[Author’s Note: As I said in my last post, I won’t be posting anything for the next three weeks. I’ll see you guys with a new story when I return to America! 😀 Happy Holidays everyone!]

Kidnapped [Part 9]

Several hours passed before the leader finally returned, henchmen in tow. From my position in the darkest corner of the room, I saw their shadows before them. The dark, elongated shapes crawling across the walls were disturbing on their own.

I waited until the light creak of the trapdoor cut off the last sliver of outside light before springing into action.

With the meager strength I could muster, I chuck the heaviest piece of wood I could find at what I believed to be the right angle. My mind replayed all the failed attempts as a silent prayer escaped through her chapped lips.

Slow motion. The dark mass inched upward through the air, leaving an invisible trail in the midst. My eyes follow it in a useless attempt to find the angle of its trajectory.

A crash.



It worked. My plan worked!

My eyes had already adjusted to the lack of light and watched the confused and somewhat frantic movements. They didn’t understand what had happened until they heart the hollow sound of the chunk smashing into the floor.

But it was too late. I was already on the move.

Ignoring the new pain in my shoulder, I limped over to them as quickly as her body would allow, occasionally wincing at the sharp spasm of pain shooting up her leg. My bare feet made no sounds on the cold ground.

I tightened my grip on the hastily fashioned stake.

As I approached them, ready to stab the inky silhouettes anywhere I could reach when the unthinkable happened.

Louisa fought back.

Kidnapped [Part 8]

Countless thought ran through my mind. I knew from the sound of blockade scraping against the ground that I’d never be able to lift that door. Her memories recounted all the desperate yet futile attempts she’d made to push it. The only result was a bruise on her right shoulder.

No door.

No windows.

No escape.


I needed another plan, another way to beat them.

My eyes roamed around the room, mesmerized by the stains on the wall, and quickly found the perfect solution.

Kidnapped [Part 7]

Threatening to kill her now meant that he actually planned to kill her later. He was waiting for something. Something important enough to keep her alive at least a little bit longer. Something that would buy me more time to formulate a plan and escape.

Perhaps I still had a chance.

The rest of the living room passed by me in a dim blur. He pushed me through the crumbling door frame and down a narrow hallway. Bare white walls. Popcorn ceiling.

Led me to a dark room. Through the shadows I could see faint rectangular outlines. Something silver shone against the walls.


I shivered.

He had brought me to the kitchen.

Her memories appear intrusively into my mind.

One of his lackeys stood inches from her face. His thick, beefy fingers wrapped around the worn black handle of a rusty steel knife.

She took small, careful steps backwards until her lower back found the edge of the counter top. Her fingers confirmed it was made of marble.

Carefully she let her hands inch backwards. Fingers splayed.

He snatched the knife before she could reach it. The fluorescent lights above his nearly bald head shone off the clean blade, matching the malicious glint in his large grey eyes.

The mole on his cheek shifted upward as his face twisted into a sickeningly evil grimace. “D’ya I wouldn’ see that?” Decade of smoking had taken it’s toll on his breath and coarse, rumbling voice.

Her slurred his words slightly. Drunk off his ass.

A trembling hand aimed for her shoulder. She ducked at the last possible second.

The knife lodged itself deep into the wall and had remained there ever since.

Her face throbs at the residual sting of the slap he’d dealt her for resisting.

My feet found the edge of the trapdoor he’d opened that first night. The crevice in the floor was a thick line, slightly crooked from countless chips over the years. A metallic noise echoed around me as I took another step forward, gently nudging the handle.

“You know the drill,” he said in a thick, irritated voice. “Get down there or I’ll throw you myself.” I could hear the way his lips twitch as he forms the words quickly. Anger laced the syllables.

A creak told me he’d opened the trapdoor. It echoed around the room, slicing through the dry air.

Her bare feet remembered the texture of the moldy boards. They’d been neglected for years, abused by water over time and never properly cleaned.

The basement sat in a similar state of disarray. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light from the single bulb in the middle of the decaying ceiling, I saw the peeling yellow paint on the crumbling plaster walls. In one corner sat the pieces of a wine rack. The thick slabs of wood were thoroughly cracked, a few were snapped in half.

The rest of the room was empty save for cobwebs in the corners and rodent droppings along the walls. It smelled damp and musty.

He closed the trapdoor behind him. Scraping crossed the ceiling above me. A groan as the trapdoor was hunkered down by the weight of something heavy.

One heartbeat. Two.

I limped back to the stairs. On hands and knees I crawled up each of the steps and listened carefully. Her ears could pick up no sounds on the other side.


Kidnapped [Part 6]

His smile widens. “Or should I even call you Louisa?” He says, confirming my suspicions. The glimmer in his eyes has transformed into one of malicious amusement.

Darkness lurks beneath the bright, lively scenery beyond the windshield. It swallows the car, me, and the last fragment of hope I’d clung to.

Pushing past the lump in my throat I croak in my best impression of her, “What do you–” before breaking off into a coughing fit. Her body is prone to adverse reactions to any kind of stress.

“Don’t play dumb with me. I’ve heard of your services.” Venom laces his words. His voice is lower and thicker than before. Each word seems like a struggle, as though he is trying to keep himself calm.

My mind whirs frantically but can’t conjure any viable explanations. There is something hidden deep beneath his voice, something weak and emotional that seems to be trying to break out. His struggle is evident in the thick creases of his eyebrows cutting his forehead into strips.

The car slows to a stop as gravel crunches beneath it. I look through the windshield to discover that we have arrived at the house. The cream-colored walls are exactly the same as they’d been only two days ago.

I search the windows for a sign of life but all is still and silent, both upstairs and down. The house must be deserted this time, dashing the last of my hopes.

The solitude closes in on me as he steps out of the car and slams the door shut behind him. He walks over to my side and wrenches me from my seat, holding my hands behind my back as he pushes me towards the porch.

My head snaps upward to look at the blue sky. Usually this is a sight I revel at as it is one I rarely saw in my own life but today is different. Today the blue sky reminds me of my endless solitude, trapped here with nobody to help me.

Once again God has abandoned me.

Her feet stumble clumsily over the gravel as he pushes us forward with a hard shove. The stiffness of his fingers tells me he’s trying hand to contain his anger.

Her dry, chapped lips open to scream but I bite it back, tearing up at the pain in her broken ankle. I refuse to let out a sound, fearful of how he would react.

The sounds of birds chirping disappears as he slams the front doors shut behind us. The freedom of the outside world is lost in this cage, trapped behind thick plaster walls.

The air is dusty and humid, even harder to breathe than before. She breaks into another coughing fit though I can’t tell whether this one is caused by stress or allergies. She doubles over and loses her balance, falling to the hardwood floors with a resounding thud.

The impact gives me a headache that matches tempo to the beat of her heart. The vibrations beneath the floor tell me it’s hollow.

If I was in my previous body, a bodybuilder who died of a steroid overdose one month after his 37th birthday, I’m sure I could easily break through the creaky boards. Oh how I long for his strength; he surely wouldn’t even have been fazed by the ankle injury.

My fists clench but I know how they are useless. There’s no power in them.

He walks in behind me, his shadow cast over mine on the ground. I force myself to turn around and face the real thing, cowering slightly beneath his tall, overpowering frame. Light spills out from behind him, casting his face in the same shadows that haunted her dreams that first night.

“But you’re not going to come back next time, Lou-i-sa.” Agony. There was agony beneath his voice. She felt it as strongly as I did. A sympathetic twinge afflicted her hammering heart.

I could hardly comprehend her desire to understand and comfort the monster that wants nothing more than to kill her.

As if equally disgusted by her naivety, he walked around us, took me by the hair and pulled me to my feet. My instincts reacted before I could counter them and attempted to support all her weight on her bad yet dominant ankle.

She screamed. The sound echoed in the small space.

He threw her back down. He was on top of her before her body could settle on the ground, legs straddling her hips, hands around her throat. “Did you really think screaming would help you?” His voice slithered from his lips, as cold and smooth as ice. “If someone comes I’ll kill you, right here and now.” His hands tightened a moment as if to emphasize his point then released.

The air that poured into her lungs was sweet despite the dust.

He used her arm to pull me to my feet this time. I hardly noticed.

My mind had wandered elsewhere. His words repeated over and over again.

Kidnapped [Part 5]

My mind scans through her memories of the house they’d taken her to.

It had two floors and a basement. They’d dragged her through the entryway and left her lying half asleep on the floor near the staircase. They hadn’t bothered to tie her up but her limbs were too heavy to move.

She could only gaze longingly at the door partially hidden behind her feet and dream of the freedom beyond the thick slab of oak.

Her eyes wandered up to the second floor. She thought she’d seen a shadow. Her deafened ears thought they’d heard a sound: a voice perhaps?

One of the men had returned at that moment. He’d stood at the foot of the stairs and said something but she couldn’t understand what.

Then he’d returned to drag her away. Down into the basement.

Out of sight.

Her mind lay stagnant while mine churned rapidly, sifting through possibilities.

Could someone be residing on the second floor? Someone who remains oblivious to the crimes?

Someone who could help me?

His eyes caught mine in the rearview mirror. They were black and cruel, just like Louisa had originally perceived them, only now they was also a glint of amusement tucked away into the corners. He had the same eyes as a hunter playing with its prey moments before the kill.

“Don’t glare at me so harshly Lou-i-sa.” He holds each note in my name out a moment longer than he has to and for some reason his intonation changes. His voice is almost a little higher. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge.

Suddenly the walls were closing in on me. I felt the ceiling being pulled down towards me, inching closer and closer to the top of my head.

Caving in.

The same invisible pressure that affected the ceiling simultaneously pushed my heart down into the pit of my stomach. It settled with an uneasy heaviness.

One beat. A moment.


With widening eyes the reason for his change in demeanor rushed through me like a cold wind on a scalding summer day. I shivered despite the intense heat produced by the adrenaline in my system.

He knows.


Somehow he figured out what I am.

Kidnapped [Part 4]

There was no way out of this moving death trap. His eyes in the rearview mirror grinned, They resembled those of a hunter observing the final struggle of a trapped fish. I realized with dismay that, like that fish, I was being taken further and further away from the safety of civilization.

The car turning off the freeway and towards a small town was the net being lifted from the water.

Each house sprinting past my eyes is a missed opportunity to escape. Their silent soulless eyes glimpse me through the tinted glass that matches their own but they remain motionless. Not a single one reaches out towards me.

It is now that I, a perhaps Louisa too, realize how isolated we are. The inside of this car is its own little world, completely separate from everything outside. The people in their homes are safe in a world I no longer belong to.

The only solution now is to escape this confinement. How to succeed is another question entirely; one I hardly dare to ask but must discover the answer to.

After all, my job this time is to somehow get these three caught by the police in order to prevent future kidnappings. Failure would mean a second and permanent death for me.

Her life and mine are tied by an unbreakable thread as her memories and thoughts become intertwined with my own. She controls me as much as I do her.

It is her mind that recalls the town flitting silently past the windows but it is mine that searches for possible escape routes in the shadowy alleyways between Victorian-style homes and stores. She shudders at the face in the rearview mirror; I search it for weaknesses.

The eyes are cold and hardened. Bags line his lower lid as though he hasn’t slept in several days. I search through her memories for an answer and find that she never saw him sleep. The other two napped alternatively but he remained wide awake through the hours of torture.

If he hadn’t slept, surely he would be weaker. Perhaps if we arrived at the house before the others I could fight him long enough to escape and find help.

I turn around to check the distance between this car and the other two only to find that they’ve disappeared from sight. For a fleeting moment my heart feels light with hope that perhaps they took a wrong turn or merely decided to leave. Maybe I’d be able to escape without having to fight or evade the other two. Maybe I’d find safety before they arrived.

The sensation of hope quickly deflates as I am reminded of the dull pain throbbing at my broken ankle. There’s no way I could fight with such an injury.

No, I need another plan.

Since I can’t find help, I must make help come to me.

Kidnapped [Part 2]

It disappeared a moment later, serving as nothing more than a short reminder of the last moments of her life. The same thing had happened during previous transformations, always accompanied by a pang of sadness at the tragic loss of life.

This time felt stronger however, much more recent and violent than previous occasions.

A  thought implanted into my brain explained away the phenomenon: my job had changed. This contract was different than the regular ones.

This time, I hadn’t been contracted to bring closure to a loved one. I wasn’t supposed to comfort her family because they had no idea she died.

For once I was truly meant to live her life, if only for twelve hours, to help catch the kidnappers who’d murdered her.

She’d head about them only a day before her disappearance: the Rollinsville Kidnappings, as the press had titled them. Young girls around her age were disappearing then turning up dead a week later.

Her eyes had been glued to the television screen as she memorized the faces of each of the victims. Their locations across the state became ingrained in her mind as her brain created patterns in a desperately futile attempt to comprehend the situation.

She would become the ninth victim and without me the case would never be solved.

I stand at the exact spot where on of the three burly men had dumped her corpse. The body was now alive but the aura of death remained poisonous in the air.

I took a step forward only to fall to my knees, crippled by a sharp pain in my left ankle. The broken bone caused swelling and bruising.

My entire leg felt paralyzed by the limb, stiff and twitching. The muscles tensed against the uncontrollable sensation in a desperate attempt to protect against it.

My senses heightened instantly as if my brain was searching for the cause of the pain. The sense of impending danger pulsed through my veins as my sight and hearing grew sharper.


Over the deafening pounding in my ears I could hear the whoosh of cars rushing past in the distance. Judging from the frequency and volume of it, I must be near a freeway.

With renewed vigor I drag myself forward, relying on my arms and my good leg to push me through the thick dead grass.

Exhaustion spreads across my limbs but I force myself to go on regardless. The clamor of traffic grows increasingly louder as I approach. Soon enough I can see the edge of a beige brick wall.

Civilization waits on the other side. If I can just make it to an opening…

Kidnapped [Part 1]

The future stretches before me as past mistakes disappear behind my bare back. The present keeps pace with my small, perfectly timed steps, providing a window to the world in which I will never return.

No floor exists beneath my bare feet yet I walk on regardless. No path leads me forward though I cannot disobey an instinct tugging me along from deep within.

Sifting through thoughts I don’t possess, my body meanders aimlessly along the white plane.

Unseen images materialize in my mind and I stop. They speed past my eyes faster than I can see yet somehow I take them in, absorbing the memories linked to them.

And in the next instant, it’s over.

Then, my transformation begins. Auburn hair sprouts from me head and grows down along my back, flowing effortlessly around my knees.

Pale white skin with rosy cheeks and topaz eyes. Long lanky legs and a thin, curved frame with an unfortunately flat chest for a 17 year old girl. Teeth that were rigidly straightened by a decade of braces hid behind eternally chapped lips.

Wobbly knees paired with bony ankles and long toes gave her an almost malnourished quality despite her affinity for sweets and junk food.

The transformation ended only moments later and I found myself slouching forward wearing someone else’s skin once again.

Colors faded into the white background. I find myself lying in a field of green flowing grass. My clothes, a pink tracksuit and running shoes, were caked in dirt, dust, and blood. Tears litter the frayed fabric, crudely cut by a dull blade.

A sharp pain emanated from the back of my head.

So that’s how she’d been murdered.


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